1  Name:  Parul Narula

2  Date of Birth:  16-09-1982
3  Highest Qualification:  B.Tech. (Instrumentaion and Control)
4  Work Experience:   6.5 Yrs
  a  Teaching: 6.5 Yrs
  b  Research  NIL
  c  Industry:  NIL
  d  Others:  NIL
5 Area of Specialization:

Fuzzy logic

6 Subjects Teaching:  a) At U.G Level
  • Contol systems, DSP, EMMI, EMI, Transducers, Fuzzy logic, Biomedical
    b) At P.G Level: 
7 Research Guidance: No. of papers published in
     Masters  NIL National Journals :  NIL
     Ph.D  NIL

International Journals: 

Conferences :   04
8 Projects Carried Out:  Design of Mamdani fuzzy processor
9 Patents:  NIL
10 Technology Transfer:  NIL
11 Research Publications:  NIL
12 No. of Books Published with details:  NIL